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Currently displayed at Christine X Art Gallery until the 10th of June 2020

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Ara ġejja l-mewt għalik!
(Death is coming for you)

Currently displayed at Christine X Art Gallery in Sliema, part of the collective exhibition Anthropos Sans Future, together with artists Chris De Souza Jensen, Darren Tanti, Kevin Attard and Mario Abela.
Throughout the ages, Death has been depicted in many ways but mostly as a dark ominous figure such as the grim reaper or the dancing corpses rising from  cemeteries of the “danse macabre.” But what if death was the personification of beauty, leaving a trail of misery, devastation and destruction in its wake? In the painting 'Ara ġejja l-mewt għalik' by Rupert Cefai, death is exactly that, beautiful, representing both the hope of a beautiful afterlife but also the human obsession with beauty which tend to lead civilisations towards decadence then misery and destruction.
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